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The Fundolin is a four-string mandolin with a 13 in scale which is similar to 4/4 violins.  Since the Fundolin is tuned to GDAE, like both a mandolin and a violin, players who have any experience with either instrument find that the Fundolin is instantly easy to understand and play. 


Also, all basic music, in both Tablature and Standard Notation, available for both the violin and the mandolin, are instantly playable on the Fundolin.  The Fundolin is a carved top instrument with two "Parallel" tone-bars like the best mandolins.  The gentle arching of the top, plus the 13" scale means that the Fundolin is easy on fingers for new players and will be quickly comfortable for young musicians and more mature players getting back into making music.  Like good high-quality mandolins, the Fundolin has an adjustable bridge which allows players to adjust the action for tone, power, and comfort.

Since the Fundolin comes with a built-in Piezo pickup, players can also instantly go "Electric" with any small amp.  This means that the Fundolin is also ROCK AND ROLL READY!  

The Fundolin is built by Luthier Steve Sorensen at the Sorensen Mandolin & Guitar Co. and has been extensively tested and played by his team of Endorsing Artists -- including -- Danny Roberts (The Grascals), Rick Litiatco, Randy Torno, Darren Nicholson (Balsam Range), Zack Arnold (ClayBank), Kelsi Harrigill (Flatt Lonesome)

Playing the Fundolin is FUN!

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