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The FUNDOLIN Story --

The Fundolin takes all the best things about the mandolin, violin, and ukulele and brings them together in one really FUN instrument --

  *  Only four strings . . . tuned like a Violin and Mandolin so all sheet music, beginner books, and tablature is instantly playable!

  *  Short 13" Scale length -- needs only a light touch and is easy on your fingers.

  *  Arched, carved solid wooden top and back like the best mandolins and violins for fantastic TONE.

  *  Built-in Piezo electric pick-ups let you to plug in to any amp and go FULL ELECTRIC POWER!

  *  The slim and comfortable neck helps give easy fingering of notes.

  *  Adjustable height bridge, geared tuners, and solid metal tailpiece -- just like on expensive mandolins.

  *  A beautiful painted varnish finish that protects the wood, but lets the tone sing.

  *  Easy to take with you everywhere in the included lightweight backpack gig bag.

  *  Sweet, lovely tone that is pleasant and delightful . . . even during quiet times or in the car.

  *  The Fundolin is handmade in the USA and is set-up for perfect, comfortable play right away!


Playing the Fundolin is FUN!